This is Daniel Vidberg’s Portfolio

Artifact 1: This Website
daniel.isfoundhere.com is a website that I made in WordPress. It shows I have experience with computers and web design.

Artifact 2: Puzzlescript Games
daniel.isfoundhere.com/games/ is where I host all of the games I made in Puzzlescript, a simple language made for creating puzzle games. They show I have experience with coding, in a language that is completely different than the mainstream ones. They also demonstrate I have such an understanding of problem solving that I can reverse the skill and create puzzle games.

Artifact 3: Plasticine Art
This is some plasticine art I did for a project in Grade 8, trying to recreate a scene from the video game Gods Will Be Watching. It shows my creativity, and my willingness to design in different mediums.
or reference, here is the original scene from the game:
Plasticine Art

Artifact 4: Graffiti Art
This is another art project I did in Grade 8. It shows I have an understanding of myself, as well as my creativity.

Artifact 5: Rube Goldberg Machine
https://youtu.be/4V15fipQXVc is a Rube Goldberg Machine I worked on in a team with two other people in Grade 10. It shows I can effectively work in a group, as well as my skills in problem solving and design.

Artifact 6: 3D Paper Sculpture
This is a sculpture I made in Grade 10, to recreate a Psykarp, a combination of the Pokemon Psyduck and Magikarp. It shows I understand 3D design, and my effectiveness in different mediums.
For reference, this is the image I was making 3D:

Artifact 7: History Project – The Fortress of Louisbourg
This is a History project I made in Grade 7 on the topic the Fortress of Louisbourg for my school’s History Fair. From the project, I made it to the Regional and Provincial History Fair. It shows I am able to present my findings to other people, am good at writing and presenting, and my ambition to go farther.

Artifact 8: Lego Solid Edge
This artifact is a 3D digital design of a Lego set I created in Solid Edge in Grade 11. It shows I am excellent at 3D design, and understanding 3D spaces.

Artifact 9: Blockchain Presentation
This artifact is the slideshow for a live presentation I made and presented in my Grade 11 ICS class. Unfortunately, I didn’t record the presentation, however the slideshow holds a lot of information in image form. It shows my effectiveness as a presenter and teacher, and my researching and interviewing skills.

Artifact 10: The Rickety Rescuer – Tech Design Project
This artifact is a “Roller Coaster Prototype” (egg-delivery on a wire) I worked on in a team with two other people in Grade 11. We managed to get the second fastest time in the class, out of 7 projects. It shows that I work well in collaboration with others, as well as my design and researching skills.